WENNEKER Modern Twists Baltic CUP 2017

October 26th, Wenneker Modern Twists Cup 2017, Baltic bartender competition, took place at Latvijas 1.Rokkafejnīca. 26 participants had to create the Twist version of any classic cocktail, containing Wenneker liqueur as obligatory ingredient.

The best bartender in this competition was recognised Laurs Ihermans (Laur Ihermann) from Estonia. He created Wenneker Golden Coffee cocktail. Verners Voks (Werner Vokk) from Estonia took the 2nd place, offering new version of the classic cocktail Singapore Sling called “Little Scarlet Riding Hood”. Jury gave the 3rd place to Latvian bartender Anna Romačenko, who upgraded the recipe of classic cocktail Papa Doble and created new version named “Early Autumn”.

Rating of the Jury: Best Twist bartenders in Baltics TOP 5:

1. Laur Ihermann – Noa Restaurant (Estonia)
2. Werner Vokk – Butterfly Lounge (Estonia)
3. Anna Romačenko – Olimpic Casino Latvia Satekles (Latvia)
4. Kristina Mogutnova – Olimpic Casino Latvia Stoipinu (Latvia)
5. Kaspars Ludboržs – Olybet Sport Bar Talava (Latvia)