Artwork from empty Hartwall Original Long Drink cans

Friday, September 8th, opening of exhibition “Summer in Latvia” was held at the Art centre NOASS. It presented the final result of the art challenge started at the beginning of summer, where local celebrities and artists nominated each other to create art installations from Hartwall Original Long Drink empty cans with theme “Summer in Latvia”.

All together there were 25 participants – TV hosts Lelde Lietaviete and Aivis Ceriņš, fashion journalist Anita Sedliņa, fashion designer Jevgēnija Dorošenoka, Indra Salceviča, Betija Sadauska, bloggers Bea Jonīte, Jaroslavs Barišņikovs  and Sergejs Hatanzejskis, multi-artist Kašers, artist Kaspars Groševs, musician Jānis Krīvēns, radio and TV journalist Kristīne Komarovska, fashion photographer Toms Norde, SIN magazine chief editor Dāvis Dāvids Sakne, magazine Cosmopolitan editor Laura Lauziniece and others, who wanted to stay anonymous.

Event was attended not only by the participants of this social art challenge, but also by fashion designer Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane with her husband Roland, magazine LILIT fashion editor and stylist Kristīne Rudzinska, brand NoLo designer Viktorija Joniene, magazine L’Officiel chief editor Jūlija Rumjanceva, blogger Līga Andžāne, musician – counter tenor Sergejs Jēgers, socialite Kristīne Lindenblate and others.

Hartwall Original Long Drink was invented for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. For the first time ever, Helsinki was going to be packed with visitors from all over the world. Since local restaurants didn’t have enough manpower to serve them, Hartwall brewery came up with an innovation: a cocktail in a can, easy to serve and ready to drink. The drink was supposed to be served only during the Olympics, but Finns fell in love with it and the production has continued ever since. Today Hartwall Original Long Drink is the most sold alcoholic beverage in Finland. Many also call it ‘the national drink of Finland’.